Friday, June 5, 2009

Unfinished business

Have you ever had to return to a place you once loved? It's happened to most all of us, having a relationship or situation come to a close. We leave part of ourselves behind forever, the intangible investments we made. Today I have to retrieve my tangible items. Things - tangible as well as intangible - can deter us in our paths.

Last week, I had to go to Jacksonville for a medical appointment. The purpose of the visit was to have my MRIs read and the diagnosis made. My husband and I were almost ten miles down the road when I remembered that the MRIs were on my kitchen counter. We had to turn around to retrieve them.

The MRIs represented terrible pain. I had to hold something in my mouth and bite down on it 7 minutes. Well, it was so huge that biting down was my only option. I had just come through 1.5 weeks of muscle spasms that were caused by the exam. The day after the MRI, I felt worse than ever. My jaw locked again, and the discomfort was ferocious.

Today I will have some pain as I turn back around to get some things that I can hold in my hand. I'd love to keep traveling and not look back, but I need the things I left behind.

I think it is going to be alright, though. I had so much pain yesterday from the barometric pressure, but today is much better. So it is time to resume the good fight, to finish this course. I thank God for watching over me.

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