Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold weather and trigeminal neuralgia


As cold weather blasts through many parts of the country, my friends with trigeminal neuralgia are having episodes of facial pain. My prayers are with everyone who is currently having this experience.

I remember last year at this time. I was hearing from so many people whose pain had been triggered by the cold weather. In fact, three months of cold weather had left many people both exasperated and exhausted. Because I know first-hand the excruciating pain of trigeminal neuralgia and glossopharyngeal neuralgia, I have great empathy for anyone who is suffering with these disabilities.

Last year I was working for TNA, The Facial Pain Association when the cold weather blanketed the country. To communicate with so many people who had facial pain was very humbling. If you talked to me or emailed me during that time, please know that your story – your plight – touched me. I may not know your name, your face, or even your voice, but I know your struggle.

The severity of this pain can transcend the physical body and permeate the human spirit. It can cause a person to lose hope, to feel alone, and to wonder how he or she can keep going.

Last year I was experiencing excruciating pain of my own. I had nerve pain in my face, but it was caused by my jaws. What triggered it the most was talking, and talking was part of my job. I don’t talk so much these days, and I am experiencing a season of quietness. The quiet is like a good night, soft and comforting. It leaves me feeling rested and refreshed.

Don’t neglect your spirit while you weather the storm. My prayer is that everyone with facial pain will find relief from the pain and will be rejuvenated. I found strength when I searched the Bible for a way to cope with the pain.

To those of you who are reading With Great Mercy, I hope you will be blessed.


  1. Thank you for your prayers. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, Occiptal Neuralgia and Atypical Facial Neuralgia. Yes I suffer with excruciating pain. It is not fun at all. I am presently residing back up here in WI. till next fall and then we are moving back to AZ. The cold weather here is my main cause of these painful days. I just wish my friends up here would just understand that I can't go out into the cold weather like them. I wish there was some type of "Letter to the Normals" for people with all these issues with head and face pain like the letter they use for Fibro. I would never ever wish these excruciating pains upon my worst enemy.

  2. Wouldn't it be great if people who have TN and other similar conditions could have an educational platform like those with fibro? Protecting one's self isn't always easy, and I am glad to learn that you aren't caving into pressure from others. You're welcome for the prayers. Arizona: I'm hoping it will be kinder to you.