Monday, October 1, 2018

Why I abandoned blogging about facial pain

Although I have not posted a new entry to my blog in several years, I still hear from people who have recently found it. That news is always a double-edged sword. The entries have helped someone. I rejoice in that. One more person is suffering, though, and my heart breaks again.

On more than one occasion, someone has let me know that my entries have been stolen. I go to the site of the blog that has copied my experience verbatim. I contact the thief and receive no response. 

Plagiarism fails students. It ruins careers. But these nameless Internet entities get away with it.

I keep my blog free from advertisements. If I were to open the door to Google ads, a procedure I do not endorse might appear on the pages of my musings. Helping someone is more important than gaining a little bit of cash.

Privacy is another issue. I have kept links to my blog public on Facebook. I want people to be able to share them. Support is gained by sharing the universality of pain, the common denominator of knowing others have felt exactly as we feel. Although anyone can read my blog, it is intended for those who are suffering.

With trigeminal neuralgia awareness day approaching, helping others cope with facial pain is on my mind. I’ll be posting again soon.

One more thing: my last name has changed. I won't mention it here, but many of you know it. I remarried after finding a cherished friend of mine on Facebook.

Hold onto hope. Love is stronger than pain.

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