Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A pillow that reduced my pain: Part Two

The rattan pillow I've been using is placed atop a queen/king sized pillow (in the blue case) pictured above.

For part one of this post, click here.

I've tried to find the product online, but I haven't found a source selling them individually. If you search for "rattan pillow," you will find them being sold in quantity by wholesalers in Asia. It would be great to have a resource for people who have facial pain. Vendor, if you (or if you know of someone) who will sells the item individually, please contact me by email. (withgreatmercy at yahoo dot com)

Be prepared for some initial discomfort if you purchase a rattan pillow. It is hard, and it will take a couple of weeks (at least) to become accustomed to sleeping on it. But it stabilizes my neck and jaw and I had my life back soon after I began sleeping on it.

The pillow is approximately 15 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep, and 9 inches vertical. After I had slept on it a few nights, I took it into my neurologist. The moment he saw it, he realized I had found relief.

Please note that I was not having trigeminal neuralgia pain when I began using this item. My facial pain stems from issues with my jaw and neck.

Be sure to use a place case over the pillow so your face won't come in contact with the rattan. If you cannot get accustomed to the hardness of the surface, you may want to to place a very thin pillow or piece of foam rubber over it.

Those of us who have experienced facial or jaw pain know that what works for one person may not work for another. You may want to consult your practitioner before you try something new.

If you cannot find this item and are interested in something else, please see how my search continued and what I found. Click

Please let me know about your experience with facial pain and your search for the perfect pillow.

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  1. kathy, nice to see there is pillow which reduces ur pain greatly... (i have to find one for me too)

    btw, i was just curious on the following line

    "Although I no longer have trigeminal neuralgia pain, I have a jaw that causes facial pain."

    have you gone thru some medical procedures or the pain reduced itself???

    let us know if the pillow effect had helped to stop pain for a longer period...

    another TN sufferer..
    Shekar, india

  2. Shekar,

    No, I didn't have a procedure for TN. But I had a bad jaw, too. I had something called "functional jaw orthopedics." After the TN pain left, I started having another type of nerve pain in my face and my jaw kept locking up.

    The pillow helps with jaw and neck pain, and they can cause facial pain. Hope your pain goes away soon and that you can find a pillow that helps.