Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yogurt: what's the difference?

After sharing with you some recipes that feature Greek yogurt several people have asked me what the difference in the Yogurt is. I learned about Greek yogurt in a nutrition class I took recently. Greek yogurt  is thicker and creamier. I have both types in my refrigerator, so I thought  it might be good to compare them for you. Both have fat free labels and both are plain, no flavoring.

The plain organic yogurt I have  is Stonyfield brand. (pictured above)

The Fage Greek yogurt does not use the word organic.(pictured below)

Stonyfield Organic              Fage Total 0%

Calories 110                      Calories 120

Fat 0                                 Fat 0

Carbohydrate 15g              Carbohydrate 9g

Sodium 160                       Sodium 85

Cholesterol 0                     Cholesterol 0

Potassium 540                   Potassium not listed on label

Thanks for your interest. I'm not a dietician or a nutrition expert, but I like to share things that work for me. You can search my blog for no-chew recipes. Hope this information is helpful.

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