Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy ending: the search for a perfect bed

Almost anyone who has shopped for a bed knows how confusing the process can be. I decided a  traditional mattress was the best choice.

The second part of the journey (see part one) began at Sears in Jacksonville, Florida. Going from Sealy to Serta to Stearns and Foster, the brand most comfortable was Stearns and Foster. The store had at least three models from which to choose.

Here's the caveat: each bed was different on the left side than the right. One side was labeled "plush" while the other was "firm." It was confusing.

At Ashley Furniture, the beds were also different on the left side than the right. But even more disconcerting was the music being played at 10:00, a rhythm appropriate for Zumba dancing. Upon my request the volume was lowered, but I couldn't focus on sleeping when my impulse was to jump up and move my hips.

At Haverty's we found Stearns and Foster mattresses that were the same on the left as on the right. A gentleman named Jonathan Chila led me from one model to the other, including a "silver" bed. It's pictured above.

The silver model (which may be called something different) cradled me, relieving pressure from my neck and jaw when I laid on it.  I bought it. The morning after my first night's sleep, my neck felt better than it had in the morning in years.

Although I have slept well, the rattan pillow I've been using to sleep is now too hard. I use it when I prop up in bed to read. It's taken several nights to get the right combination of pillows, but the beauty of the new bed is that my perfect pillow has turned out to be just a firm, everyday pillow. One.

I made a pricey choice, but I stop and think about the money I've spent on my medical care, and the mattress is worth is worth the cost. That's my experience. What's yours?

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  1. That's great you got a new bed you love. A good night's sleep can really make the difference. Now maybe you will feel like doing the Zumba in the morning! Connie :)

  2. Connie, maybe Zumba in the afternoon? No matter how great the bed is, I'm not a morning person.;-)

  3. I love a soft bed and the hubs likes a firm bed. A greta and perfect bed is hard to find!
    I am so happy you found yours!
    Have a PRETTY day!