Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Memorializing Cherry

A week ago, my friend Cherry died. She had been ill for a few weeks, but she seemed to be getting better. Then she suddenly died. My mother knew Cherry since they were in elementary school.

Cherry lifted me up and supported me while trigeminal neuralgia seemed to be winning in a war it had launched against me. Although she had not experienced facial pain, she never doubted the intensity of my suffering. There were times when she put her needs on hold to stop and pray for me. One day when my speech was painful and distorted, someone laughed at me. Cherry spoke up because it made her angry. She was the type of friend who could be counted on in times of trouble.

Cherry was a blossom who didn't fade but continually bloomed. I'll always miss her.

Years ago, I wasn't able to go to funerals or stand outside because of having trigeminal neuralgia. Monday I was able to do both, celebrating her life and acknowledging Cherry's passing. Although I am relieved that she is no longer having pain and is with the Lord, I will always miss her.

At the cemetery, the wicked wind chilled the mourners. It slapped my face, reminding me of the electrocution-type pains it would have caused me years ago. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to live a "normal" life again.

Thank you, Cherry, for your prayers, your love, and your laughter.

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  1. Wonderful post. Though sad to hear about your friend's passing, so glad to hear you could rejoice at her funeral.